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Home Learning Expectations

In Class 2 we expect children to complete weekly homework, read on a regular basis and learn their weekly spellings ready for their spelling tests. This can be found in the Home/School Learning Agreement.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss

Weekly homework can be found in ‘This Week’


Each weekly homework set will be a different topic depending on what the children’s needs are. The homework that could be sent home; English, Maths, Art, DT, Punctuation and Grammar, ICT or Science and they have a week to complete this task.

Homework will be given our every Thursday and the due date will be the following Wednesday.


In Class 2 we start by learning our Phonic knowledge and applying this when reading books. Over the 2 years, the children will be encouraged to blend sounds together to then read words. The children will build up a bank of sight words so reading will become effortless for them. Over the 2 years, the children will become more of a secure and fluent reader. The children can choose a reading scheme fiction or non-fiction book and take it home to read with their family. Once it has been read, it can come back to school and the child can choose another book they would like to read. Each child will have a reading diary, keeping a record of all the books they have read over the year. The children will be bringing books home that are part of our reading scheme and will gradually cover a variety of books. As well as reading, the children need to understand what they have read. They will be given a list of questions that can be asked about all stories they read at home, ensuring they have understood the text. The children might also bring home library books from our school library and can be changed weekly in our lunchtime library slot.

Reading records are handed in every day or when the story has been read by the child. Books will only be changed when the child has read it.


Spellings are given out every Thursday. These words will be either a spelling rule, common exception words or they might belong to a phonics sound. In order for your child to become a better spelling, they need to learn these words and apply these into their school work. It is important that they understand the meaning of these words and when tested will be given an example of what it means.

The weekly spelling tests will be every Wednesday the following week

Times Tables Tests

Children in Year 2 will be tested on their times tables. The times tables that they will be tested on is their 2s, 10s and 5s. The children will need to know them in a mixed up order.


Maths is taught using the Mathematics objectives from the National Curriculum as well as White Rose, which allows us to challenge the children’s knowledge. The children will be solving calculations using manipulatives as well as increasing their confidence using a number line, identifying where numbers sit to 100. The children will be challenged to answer many equations and learn to reason their answers.

A Maths homework might be asked to be completed (as a weekly homework) and this can be found on Mymaths site (a link to which can also be found in the Kidszone) which gives them the opportunity to develop their fluency as well as problem solve. The site also has a help page which reviews their learning before they work on their challenge.


In Class 2, we cover a lot of topic work in the afternoons so therefore the children might be asked to bring materials and equipment from home to help with these projects such as junk modelling resources and newspapers. We make lots of models, paint and learn how to sketch over the 2 years.