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Minecraft - Roblox - Fortnite- Tik tok

All games are fun but some games you can get hacked, cyber bullied etc.

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Essentially, the age group rating on a game tells you that it contains content suitable for an age group and above. Always make sure you ask a parent for consent before getting a game or app.



So a 7 rated game is suitable for everyone who is seven or older, and 18 rated games is deemed suitable for adults only. Some parents think you get games at your age limit so it is better to ask for permission first. We do not recommend any games with a limit 3 or more years over your age.



Online you should never give away your personal information such as your address, name, school, phone number or location. You should be careful sending pictures or videos to anyone in case they see your uniform or where you are. If anybody requests this information, you should tell an adult immediately.



  • Make sure that the game you want or have is easily understandable to you
  • Do what you want to do, you don’t have to copy your friends   
  • If you get stressed, just take a time out, don't feel you have to stay
  • Do as many fun things as you like(check if any money is involved)
  • Tell an adult if anything makes you feel bad online

Group Chats

Group chats are fun, but you still need to be careful. If an inappropriate image or message comes up on screen tell an adult immediately and block the chat. Make sure all the people on your chat are not strangers.

Following and Friending

Make sure all images or content appropriate for your age with a parent before following. We strongly advise you to only friend the people who you know and do things that are suitable.