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Choir meets every Thursday in the annexe during lunch hour 12:45 - 1:15. It is open to all children in Key Stage 2 who are keen and committed. We cover a wide range of music and work towards various performances throughout the year such as:

  • Christmas concerts at local residential homes;
  • Young Voices 6000-strong-choir at the O2;
  • The Jonah Man Jazz at St Dunstans as part of the Cranbrook Festival
  • as well as several concerts to local community and family.

Dr Robertson

Dr Robertson is the Organist & Choirmaster for St Dunstan's church. He has many years of experience teaching junior choirs and comes in fortnightly to lead our choir sessions and singing assembly.

Mrs B

Mrs B is not that technically skilled but makes up for it with barrels of enthusiasm and a genuine love and belief in the power of belting out a good tune!

Summer Concert

This Summer we will be doing a concert (date tbc). This will showcase the brilliant choir who we are so proud of.

Some of the songs will be led by Dr Robertson and  some will be led by Mrs B. We are sure they will all bring a smile to your audience's faces!!

All the links to the lyrics will be appearing here for you to practise.