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Colliers Green Church of England Primary School


Our staff and governors believe attendance and punctuality is crucial to our pupils learning. It is important for children to attend school regularly so they not only learn, but also improve their social skills and raise their self-esteem. We will do all we can to encourage each child to attend regularly and on time. We will identify any problems and act upon them and endeavour to support parents and carers in their role.

Our Expectations

For our pupils:

  • To attend school regularly
  • Pupils are encouraged to arrive at school by 8.45am
  • Registration is 9.00am – the school gates are shut promptly
  • All pupils that arrive late must report, with their parent to the school office where the reason for lateness is recorded

For our parents:

  • To ensure that their child attends school regularly 
  • To ensure that their child is punctual 
  • To inform the school if their child is absent, and why, on the first day of illness 
  • To send a letter into school on their return confirming the reason for the absence 
  • To let the school know if there is a problem with their child attending school, so we can offer support and endeavour to find a solution

We will communicate to our parents the importance of good attendance and punctuality. Parents are given information on illness and absence on this website and in the school brochure, this highlights the importance of being at school on time and notifying us if their child is absent for any reason. Parents are asked to share any worries their child might have in school. Sometimes little things upset a child which means that they become unhappy and may not want to come to school. We hope that by working together we will be able to solve such problems. At school we are required to keep register, which is a legal document and we must record the reason for any child’s absence. 

The school week is 32.5 hours long for every child.