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Update from Mrs Hirst, Week 4

Dear All, 
I hope that you have all had a good week and that all those near and dear to you are healthy and doing well.
As I write this we are all awaiting the announcement tonight to see what lockdown looks like from now on.  As I said last week, I do not think that the mass of speculation has been at all helpful.  Please be assured that as soon as we know what the plan is we will act in the best interests of the pupils.  We ask that you give us some time to digest the information and formulate a plan and then we will be in contact as soon as we possibly can. 
Colliers Green Primary will be partially opening again tomorrow due to a request for key worker support.  It will be open for key worker support on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the next two weeks at least.  We will inform you if this changes in any way. 
We really hope that you and your children have enjoyed the stories recorded by the lovely CG staff, more are being recorded as we speak! Look out for the second wave of story reading via Facebook and email. 
Thank you all for your fabulous contributions to all of our different ways of communication at the moment, the Facebook groups, emails, blogs etc.  We love hearing about the children's successes and are also here to help if things go wrong or you need some support.  Please contact us if you need us.  If you do not feel you wish to share in a whole school forum that is absolutely fine, teachers will always answer your direct queries as soon as they can. 
Please remember that we understand that everyone is working in different circumstances, everyone is working at different speeds.  In return, we ask you to understand that we are trying to cater for all of these different needs and, much as we are trying to, we expect we will not be able to meet everyone's requirements in the same way as we would in the classroom.  We will however try our best!
In order to help engagement and focus we are introducing a couple of different aspects this week. 
1. Your teachers will have set your work as usual but will also be sending you three video links.  These will take you to three short videos where your teachers will explain the work for English, maths and topic based work. 
2. At the end of the week you will receive an email from your class teacher giving some general feedback on the work completed and received during the week.  This will go to all class members so cannot include very individualised feedback.  However,  if you want to ask questions or extend work, add in some extras,  or talk about amending some work or simplifying something, or to just generally discuss a piece of work, please feel free to contact teachers directly.   
3. To aid Year 3 and 4 with their times tables, Mrs Brown will be available for a times table drop in session for Year 3 and Year 4.  These will occur on Tuesday for Year 3 and Thursday for Year 4 at 11am.  Zoom invitations will be sent directly via school emails.  The idea being that as Mrs Brown knows which pupils were working on which tables from their work in class, pupils will be able to drop in to the session, recite the table they are learning, face some Mrs Brown questioning and encouragement and be sent off to learn the next table or set of division facts.  Taking part is totally voluntary and the interaction will be between the child and Mrs Brown to allow her to work with as many pupils as she can during the time. 
4. I will be giving two Collective Worships this week, one for EYFS/KS1 and one for KS2.  These will be sent out during the week to be viewed as an end of the week gathering on Friday. Links will be sent out via email.   I will be focusing these on our school community and the way forward. 
We will keep amending the offer as we receive more information and move forward out of lock down. 
I would also like to inform you of some new staffing appointments. 
I am very pleased to announce that Claire Evans will be joining us in September to teach Class 1 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  During Miss Hopkins maternity leave Claire Evans will be fulfilling the role of Acting Deputy Head.  Therefore, she will be in school four days a week, Monday -Thursday. 
Michelle Arthur has been appointed to cover Miss Hopkins Class 4 teaching role during her maternity leave.  She will be starting with us in September and will be with us until Miss Hopkins returns. She will therefore teach Class 4 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays with Mrs B continuing to teach on Thursdays.  
Both are very experienced teachers who come with excellent references and we are delighted to welcome them both to our CG Team!  
We have plans in hand for Miss Hopkins Class 4 teaching role in Term 6 and will inform you of them as soon as we have been updated with the current COVID-19 situation. 
Thank you to all of the parents and children who have responded to my direct emails and messages.  I have written to all of the school community now and have heard back from 95%+.  
We miss you all, take care and stay safe.  
Nicola Hirst