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Message from Mrs Hirst, Week 2

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The last 8 school days, since the government decision to close schools, has both flown by and seemed a ridiculously long amount of time!  I hope that you have all settled into some kind of routine now and are all managing ok, keeping safe and healthy.

Well done for all of the school work that you have been able to do; we appreciate that this will be different for everyone and that there is no right or wrong way / right or wrong amount. We ask that wherever possible children's brains are kept active and inquisitive, enjoying learning; whether that be with traditional style school work or life skills type experiences. When they come back to school we will need brains that are ready to go and as up to date as possible. 

It has been so lovely to see your responses coming back to my post and Mrs B's, please keep sending them in or email the class teachers or myself.  We are hoping to have some form of interactive sharing facility ready after the Easter holidays.

After the Easter holidays, we have a two day Week 1.  Teachers will be setting a mini-project for these two days - this will be emailed out to you by your class teachers.  After this, weekly work will be emailed. 

Weekly work will include weekly White Rose Maths with videos and interactive learning.  A weekly Power Point for English, which will include all of the slides you need for learning every day, with daily divisions to show which bit to do when.  We would ask that the maths is completed, with interaction with your teachers as much as you need, but recorded in your maths books/printed. With the English it will build to a piece of writing for the week, and we would ask you to send that in to your teachers, (method to be worked out), so that they can see how you are doing. 

Topic grids for foundation subjects seem to have been a hit so these will continue.  Also available will be some coding, Duo Lingo, handwriting, times tables and spellings.  PE, is very hard to set remotely, especially with team sports!  We hope that some of you are doing PE with Joe Wicks (we have been at my house - I insist on keeping the lounge curtains shut!), and also accessing other online fitness or making the most of back gardens and daily walks.

I will add another section in the latest news at the end of every week and class teachers will email at the beginning of every week.  We will respond to anyone who emails us, children and adults; please keep in contact!  We will also try and send individual emails to families to check in with you when we can. 

We miss you all, this remote school business is tough!  

Stay home and stay safe and healthy, keep learning and keep reading! Learning is lifelong for us all.   Mrs Hirst