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Message from Mrs Hirst, Week 1

 27th March 2020

Dear CG pupils,

Well, you have already done a whole week of Home Learning; how quickly has that gone! I really hope that you have been enjoying your Home Learning packs and are adjusting well to new routines and learning in a different way. 
School is school, and home is home, it is not possible to make Home Learning the same as school learning.  So I hope that you have been able to develop a routine and a structure that works for you and your family.  There is not a right or wrong way to do this so please do not worry if your day looks a bit different at the moment.
Your work packs will take you up to the Easter Holidays.  Feel free to continue with them if you have not finished or extend them if you wish into the break.  After the holidays we will send home weekly packs for you.  We are currently looking at setting up systems to enable you to share your work with your teachers and class.
I know that some of you have emailed your teachers, made comments and sent photographs, I have had some of these too.  We LOVE receiving them so please send some in!   We REALLY miss you!  Do not forget, your teachers have never experienced anything like this before either; we are all in it together and we are all getting used to it.
I hope you are loving spending more time with your family and having a slightly slower pace of life.  At my house we are making sure that every day we do some exercise, play a game together and go out for a long walk.  We are also making sure that we do not eat everything in the cupboards too quickly!
Remember that you are safe with your families, follow the rules about not leaving the house and washing your hands lots.  Do not worry if this all makes you worry a bit; that is perfectly normal, and the grown ups in your lives have got this!
Your teachers are all working at home, planning your next set of learning, planning for the future, thinking up fun and exciting ways to celebrate when we get back to CG.  If you need them, just ask, they are still here to help.
There are so many fun and exciting ways to learn happening on the internet at them moment, online PE classes, gallery tours, museum look arounds, art classes, audio books, plays; all kinds of things that are not normally available.  Make sure you have a look at them.
Most importantly - KEEP READING and being read to, it is the most important skill ever!
Stay safe, learn well, keep in touch.
Mrs Hirst
Now a message for Mums and Dads.....
Dear All,
This world we find ourselves in at the moment is new and unknown, some of us are working differently, some of us at home, some still at work as key workers, maybe working different hours, facing financial uncertainty and a work life balance that is all over the place.  Running a school remotely is certainly taking some getting used to!
I just want to say that with regards to delivering Home Learning - be kind to yourselves! Do what you can, when you can.  If you are still working and at home you cannot teach like we can in a classroom.  Our job as teachers is hard, it is non-stop and we have classrooms and resources and years of training and practice to make it work smoothly. 
Take any opportunities for learning of all types and enjoy this unprecedented amount of time we have with our children when you can and how you can; it will be different for everyone. And do not get me wrong... I realise that it will have moments of trickiness too!
I miss seeing your children and all of you, miss the interaction and the conversations, knowing you are all ok and helping when you are not. So, stay in touch and watch out for extra ways to connect. 

Mrs Hirst