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Bracken’s Blog

A weekly post to share what we have been up to in the woods.

  • 11/02/22

    Rowan Group - Session 3

    A soggy farewell for now and a huge 'THANK YOU' from Bracken.
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  • 28/01/22

    Rowan Group-Session 2

    The children have been learning about the Romans in school so this week we experimented with a Roman inspired recipe.
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  • 21/01/22

    Rowan Group 2022-Session 1

    Rowan Group returned to the woods on a very cold, winter's morning. They enjoyed exploring the woods again and noticing what had changed since their last visit.
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  • 07/01/22

    Session 7

    Practising and  preparing for the parents ...  and pancakes!
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  • 19/11/21

    Holly Group- Session 3

    Work continued at great speed in order to produce more pinecone fire starters to sell at the Autumn Fair. All children were involved in attaching wicks to the pine cones and some different techniques were tried when adding the scented wax. Lots of excellent problem solving-especially from Squirrel a...
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  • 12/11/21

    Holly Group-Session 2

    This week was a hive of activity in the woods as the children worked hard to create pine cone firelighters to sell at the Autumn fair as well as continuing to develop their log splitting skills in order to replenish our firewood supplies.  The children noticed that the mild damp weather...
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  • 05/11/21

    Holly Group- Session 1

    Holly Group returned to the woods and re-visited some old skills as well as trying out some new activities. This time we are based in Sweet Chestnut camp.
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  • 15/10/21

    Session 6

    We were delighted to welcome some parents into the woods today.
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