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Barrels of Fun

Speckled Woods bounded back into the woods today. They were keen to see if the woods had changed since they had last visited at the beginning of summer. What changes did your little butterfly notice?

On the walk we saw lots of apples in the orchard and seeds and berries in the hedgerows. We saw acorns on the small oak trees. Someone thought there was an apple on the oak tree so I told them all about nature's amazing phenomenon of oak apples.

Once we arrived in the woods, we went through our three Forest School promises: I promise to look after myself, we promise to look after each other & we promise to look after the wonderful woods. We discussed what type of things we can do to help keep these promises. 

Then it was time to play, learn, explore, discover and for! We had two fresh piles of woodchip that needed spreading and no shortage of volunteers who were keen to help fork, shovel and barrow the chippings up to Stump Central. Comments included

" I watched Tractor Ted so I think this method will work"

"Do you know this is actually really hard work but I really like it and I don't want to stop"

"Shall we take turns?"

The hammocks were a huge hit and encouraged the children to negotiate turn-taking and rationalise what they felt was fair and/or unfair amount of 'hammock time'.

There was also a whole host of imaginary play and invented games with objects discovered in the woodland.

The children kept their Forest School promises so beautifully that we all came together for a little hot chocolate & marshmallow treat.

The quartet of helpers at the washing up station worked brilliantly together and really impressed the grown-ups as they washed, rinsed, dried (double checked) and put away. 

It was a super morning and the time flew by! Take a look at this week's gallery to see more