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Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

What better day to be in the woods than International Forest School Day 2022!!

We started the session with a look at the two types of chestnut trees. The group observed the difference between their seeds and discussed their origins. Did you know that Sweet Chestnuts were brought to England by the Romans and Horse Chestnuts came to us from Turkey?

The Orange Tips were introduced to the slack line which many of them had never done before. A change to work on our balance and core strength and turn take and be patient!  In the fire circle, I did my best not to do my Nat King Cole impersonation as I roasted chestnuts on an open fire! All but one of the Orange Tips had never tried a chestnut before but all of them decided it was worth taking the risk and giving something new a go - the verdict was mixed: several loved them, several did not(!) and a couple didn't like it but challenged themselves to eat the whole chestnuts so they could say 'been there done that'!

There was lots of opportunities for free learning time through play and the children are growing in confidence and indepence: solving problems, inventing new ways to do things and always full of awe and wonder for the natural world around them.

As it was International Forest School Day, we gave the children the opportunity to finish the sentence: I love Forest School because......

Answers included.....

  • "because I love the leaves & all their different colours."
  • "because there is so much fun like making dens."
  • "because I get to play with my friends in the wonderful woodland & make houses."
  • "because you can play lots of games & it's big."
  • "because sometimes you get to cook on the fire."
  • "because of all the adventurous games we can play."
  • "because it's in my heart & I love it so much."

Ask your Orange Tip what they said.

Here's this week's video