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Colliers Green Church of England Primary School

Acorn Antics

A beautiful Autumn Day greeted the Orange Tips at Deggs Wood. We started with an introduction into the suggested activities which included fairy fires, acorn mice, woolly acorns and building shelters for the Kentish Smugglers. The children were then free to explore, choose and discover.

It was a hive of activity. We saw examples of resilience, problem solving, teamwork, self-challenge and creativity.

Following our group snack break, the children were challenged to a game of Acorn Hide & Seek. The children all hid an initialled acorn in the woods which they knew they were going to have to find again half an hour later. Apparently squirrels lose around 50% of the acorns they 'squirrel away' every year. Amazingly it was roughly 50% of the children who found their acorns.

Take a look at this week's video to get a little flavour of what went on in the woods this week.