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Finding your feet

With the long bank holiday drawing to a close and more cake consumed than I care to admit (VE day celebrations & a Birthday Bee), it is time for me to put my best foot forward and take take on a physical challenge. But first of all, let's find out about what #TeamCG@Home have been up to this week.

William in Class 4 has picked stinging nettles to make danger crisps. He was careful not to pick them all in the same patch - because when you forage, you should not be able to see where you have been! He picked the stalks, stripped off the leaves, gave them a wash and dried them with kitchen towel. On a lined baking tray, he arranged the nettles, drizzled them with olive oil, sprinkled over lots of sea salt then popped them in the oven for 5 mins at 200 degrees. His first reaction was that they melt in your mouth! I have asked William and his mummy for permission to pick-pocket the name Danger Crisps to use for our Nettle Crisps at Forest School (waaaaay cooler)!!


Now you may have thought that the greedy landowner Mr Victor Hazell from Ronald Dahl’s ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ was only interested in breeding pheasants, well, you would be wrong! Turns out he's forging a new career in potato farming....Cast your mind back to World Book Day......Who remembers Will's fabulous Mr Victor Hazell? Well... Hazell is multiplying!!! Having planted his early potatoes with his mum, William decided to see if his villainous potato (which he had been keeping on his window sill) might make more potatoes. He planted Mr Hazell (naked!) in a pot filled with compost and has been busy watering it. His efforts have paid off because the first shoots are just appearing.


Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous activities with us. I am really hoping that by the time Hazell's harvested we can sample some of William's culinary skills........perhaps he could rustle up some Hazell's Hash-Browns or how about Will's Waffles?

 I also received a lovely email from Flora this evening telling me of a very exciting event that happened to her and Tilly over the weekend.... "My neighbour found some baby pheasants by the side of our lane. Their mother had been killed by a fox and they were only a couple of days old. They were cold and we did not think they would make it but we held them in our hands and breathed warm air onto them. We then saw if our chickens would take them but after some time it was obvious that they wouldn’t. After that, my mummy went and got her propagator that she normally puts seeds in and we put them in there and hoped that they would survive the night. In the morning they had all made a miraculous recovery and were chirping and stumbling around. Our neighbour took them and put them in a wildlife rescue centre where we hope they will look after them and when the chicks are ready they will release them." 

What a fabulous story of kindness and bravery Tilly & Flora - you must be thrilled to bits. Their happy ending was a result of teamwork, risk taking, creative thinking, trial and improvement and some wishing and hoping (for good measure)! This story glows with all our school's three values. Can you think about the ways their report shows aspiration, resilience & community?

And it’s not just the children who have been sending me beautiful things. blackbird (aka Mrs Hollamby) and her daughter have been getting artistic with sticks this week. Isn't it lovely? 


And a last minute entry from Flump & Felicity. The big question being...Who won?


And now to my ideas for the week. They are all 'rooted' around the theme of.....FEET!   

Barefoot Benefits: The benefits of letting your tippy toes get up close and personal with nature were stomped home to me by my little bees this weekend. On our walk, they waded & stomped in thick, oozy mud at the edge of the stream. They giggled and giggled as it wriggled and squelched (and farted!) its way through their toes and up their legs. Then they washed it all off in the refreshing running stream. They wanted me to go in but I didn't - I can't remember the excuse but it was rubbish and as I write, I realise that I would have had a lot more fun had I said yes. I have made a promise to myself that next time I won't need to be asked and I can almost feel my toes sinking in - Glorious!

A fun Forest School activity that links to this is making a barefoot sensory trail. Lay out a path of different materials (preferably natural but you could mix it up with man-made). Ideas include: wood chip, grass cuttings, pebbles, bricks, leaves, fallen petals, water. If you look up ‘barefoot sensory walk’ on the internet you will get lots of inspiration. If setting up a path seems a bit too much, you could just try listing the different surfaces you could walk on safely in and around your home. The best way to experience it is blind-folded so that the nerve endings in you feet become the primary sensory receiver. Describe the sensations. do you have to adjust the way you walk over different surfaces? Do you have a favourite? Is it the same as your siblings/family. I plan to do this on our first session back at Forest School so if you have any suggestions do pop them in the comments below.

Again, it’s not just zealous ramblings, there is science behind the benefits of barefoot. Feeling the ground beneath your feet and really focusing on what is grounding you can be an extremely effective way of calming yourself down if you are feeling anxious or stressed. It can also improve balance, proprioception (awareness of the position & movement of your body) and strengthen and aid alignment of all the muscles from toes to core.  And, if you don't believe me have a look at this article. So...take those shoes & socks of and get those tootsies in tune with terra-firma!!

5km: Every morning before we settle down to learning, we do 20/30minutes exercise. Sometimes it's Joe Wicks, sometimes we do circuits and very occasionally we go for a jog. However, I have been challenged to do the 'Run 5km Donate £5 Nominate 5' so I am going to need to do a bit more jogging!!! I am not going to lie, I am feeling very nervous. My daughter has become quite the little baker during Lockdown and I am getting very good at eating it! Luckily, she is also quite the little runner so she is going to help me train. I don't need to run the whole thing but I'd like to challenge myself to do as much as I can. This got me thinking of our morning jogs and all the wonderful success stories and all the encouragement you give each other and then....what should pop up in my inbox but this rather lovely face......



How's that for serendipity! Thanks Mrs A! Let us know what exercise you are doing &...if you fancy being one of the people I nominate when I complete my challenge then get it in touch.

Plant Feet: Take a little time this week to look at plants' 'feet'. Maybe you are planting out some seedlings and can closely inspect their roots, maybe you can find some particularly beautiful tree roots in your garden or on a walk.

Foot Art: Finally, how about covering your feet in paint (or mud) & create a masterpiece.either by using your footprint as a starting point for an animal or go all Jackson Pollock and express yourself. Don’t forget to share your creations.

And before I leave you.... What is a Frog's Favourite Type of Shoe? First person to get the answer will receive a house point!!!

Best wishes, Stay Safe and I hope to see you VERY soon.

Foxglove x

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