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  • 16/10/23

    Rain (& wind) did NOT halt play

    Some say that the number 13 is an unlucky number and when we first looked at today's weather forecast. We felt a little bit unlucky. Having talked about why it wasn't safe to go to the woods in high winds. We then talked about the job of a meteorologist and found out that it contains 13 lett...
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  • 06/10/23

    The Jewel Game

    It is my hope that, by the end of Year 1, the children will be able to identify at least five or more trees in Deggs Wood. Each week, the trees have been woven into the narrative of our sessions: saying hello to the big oak tree and his relatives on the way to the woods; tying the hammock to th...
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  • 29/09/23

    Leaf Prints

    The children were introduced to the Japanese art of Hapa Zome (leaf dye in Japanese) in order to make bunting for our very smart new Forest School kitchen area. They also made wax rubbings of leaves. Inspired by one of the children's really effective use of black wax crayons on sweet chestnut le...
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  • 22/09/23

    Pancakes, Play & Pot of Bubblin' Jam!

    Armed with pots of hand-picked blackberries the Speckled Woods headed off to pick some apples from the school orchard for our Forest School jam. As we headed through the fields the children were keen to see if the oak apple was still there from last was. We thought that the acorns wer...
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  • 15/09/23

    Barrels of Fun

    Speckled Woods bounded back into the woods today. They were keen to see if the woods had changed since they had last visited at the beginning of summer. What changes did your little butterfly notice?
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  • 18/11/22

    It's beginning to look.....

    ....a lot more wintery. The forest floor is covered in a thick duvet of chestnut leaves and patterned with birch, oak and hazel accents. The challenge this week was to find as many different species of leaves and thread them onto week we are going to identify them. I will bring books...
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  • 11/11/22

    Dragon's Drive Firey Challenge

    Oak Group were set the challenge of working in teams to boil water in a Kelly Kettle for hot chocolate and then to maintain the fire in order to toast their marshmallows to make a s'more.
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  • 07/11/22

    Oak Group get Arty

    What a beautiful day to be in the woods! The autumnal sunshine lit up the golden leaves and the woodland floor seemed to glow.  We read a poem by Susan Coolidge an looked at the art work of James Brunt. I then challenged the children to create their own patterns in our very own Dragon's...
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  • 21/10/22

    Orange Tips take on a Tasty Task

    Orange Tips have often talked of their desire to toast marshmallows. Today was the day but there was a catch!.....
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  • 14/10/22

    Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

    What better day to be in the woods than International Forest School Day 2022!!
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  • 07/10/22

    Baking Bread

    This week we baked bread over the fire & then filled it with a choice of toppings. Most of the children gave it 10 out of 10 and one even exclaimed, "This tastes better than Co-op bread!"
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  • 30/09/22

    Acorn Antics

    A beautiful Autumn Day greeted the Orange Tips at Deggs Wood. We started with an introduction into the suggested activities which included fairy fires, acorn mice, woolly acorns and building shelters for the Kentish Smugglers. The children were then free to explore, choose and discover. It w...
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