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Term 5 week 3 learning

Another week of sunshine - aren't we lucky!

I have been having a very enjoyable week of reading through the work that has been sent to me and learning lots about various animals. I've also been pottering around what is now being referred to as the 'nursery' rather than 'spare room', and I think it might be very nearly ready for our impending arrival. There will, inevitably, be something important that I've forgotten about though!

I've emailed the learning for the coming week and attached it below. I've tweaked the format a little so that there is just one document. Please let me know if there is anything you can't open.

In terms of feeding back, there are three different routes that you could use, as I know not everyone will want to use the same one.
1) You can email me the work directly
2) You can post photos, comments etc on the Class 4 Facebook page. If you've not joined already, and would like to, it's searchable under Colliers Green Class 4.
3) You can post to this blog page. Text comments only I'm afraid, rather than pictures.

Take care, and have a lovely weekend. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

  • Ava Fry 2 years ago
    It has been rather interesting learning at home and fun sometimes it has been difficult doing things that I am not sure on but I have got there in the end. as lots of the Yr girls would know I miss everybody so very much. I do hope we see each other soon and before us Yr 6 go into Yr7 I have go onto video editor and made a video of the main memories at colliers green. I have started learning Spanish so I can get ahead for second school. Be safe and just think of it as your doing school work during the school holidays, have fun and keep entertained. keep on posting on here and I will see you all hopefully soon. bye xxx

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