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Easter Eco-Challenges!


The Green Team would like to invite everybody to take part in their ‘Sustainability Challenge’ by completing some, or all, of the activities below over the Easter holidays.

If you complete a challenge, please email Mrs Moorhouse, telling her what you did and include photos if possible. House points will be available for completed challenges! You are of course welcome to come up with your own eco-challenges.

  • 1. Go on a nature walk. Take a bag (and gloves) to collect any litter that you find. We know several families already do this. You too, can be a local litter busting hero!

  • 2. Plant a tree. This is a fantastic way of helping the environment and encouraging more wildlife into your garden. If possible, choose a native tree that will provide food and shelter for many different types of invertebrates and birds.


  •  3. Make a bird table or bird feeder. You could try using recycled materials to make it even more eco-friendly. Keep a record of the birds that visit.

  • 4. Wildlife homes. Can you make a home for wildlife? It may be something as simple as hanging up some nesting materials to help the birds, or you could make a bug hotel, bird box or bat box.


  • For those feeling more ambitious how about a hedgehog home?!




  • 5. A Fairtrade Feast. Make something delicious using Fairtrade ingredients.

  • 6. Crafty creations. What can you make out of recycled materials? Don’t throw out those empty cartons, containers, loo rolls, plastic bottles or tin cans. Make them into something wonderful, weird or wacky!

  • 7. Extra Eggciting Eggs! Try and avoid Easter eggs with excessive plastic packaging. Instead, experiment with natural dyes to create beautiful colours to decorate your own eggs. Bring your dye material and water to the boil and then allow to simmer until the desired colour is reached (red cabbage, beetroot, onion skins and turmeric all work very well). Stir in 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar for each cup of dye you make and let the mixture cool. Add the hard-boiled eggs, cover, and refrigerate overnight. The longer the eggs soak, the deeper the colour will be. For shiny eggs, brush lightly with vegetable or coconut oil.

  • 8. Easter Energy Switch Off! Choose a time when no power is to be used inside the home. This means NO television, computer or video games! Instead, use your imagination, play outside or try carrying out some of our (non-energy using!) eco-challenges.


  • The Green Team will be working on our Energy topic next term and would love your help in producing as many energy saving tips as possible.  Design a poster to encourage everyone to save energy. Think about why it is important to save energy and how it helps the environment.
  • Wishing everybody a happy Eco-Easter!

    The Green Team