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Colliers Green Church of England Primary School

Session 3

How do trees go online?.......They just log on!

This week Forest School was full of laughs. The Sneezey Dragon dared us to...SMILE!

We began searching the woods for tree jokes and then sat around the camp circle to share jokes.

Many members of Holly Group were keen to light fairy fires and so they set up their miniature fire squares and were set the challenge of lighting them. The wind made things very tricky but the words of encouragement from each other helped the children to persevere and everybody achieved impressive sparks.

Fawn lit her first ever Kelly Kettle so that, those who wanted to, could have a hot drink.

A group of children rose to the challenge of setting up a rope bridge across the 'ravine'. The Sneezy dragon was very impressed and would like to build on this learning next week.

Some children were interested in identifying the different types of fungi they found around the camp. I found a fascinating one that she wants to show you by the gate next week.

We finished our session with a record-breakingly-speedy game of Vanish. 

I am very keen to hear your woodland inspired jokes in the comments below.  Here's mine:

Why did the Fungi leave the party?.......There wasn't mushroom!