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Session 2

Christmas crafts.

This week Larch and Birch group spent a very enjoyable morning together creating all sorts of wondrous Christmas crafts inspired by the great outdoors. Using natural materials and new skills such as willow bending, square lashing (and hot glue gunning!) an amazing variety of items were produced.

Click here to see some of their fantastic creations.

If you would like to comment on your 'indoor' Forest School activities please use the blog below.

  • Libby 3 years ago
    This week in Forest School we had a great time although Foxglove wasn't at school because she wasn't feeling well. In the classroom we made dream catchers, Christmas trees, snow men and of course reindeer with Bracken,Catkin,Squirrel and Fawn. My favourite thing was using square lashing to make a reindeer but only 2 people out of the whole class did square lashing (much to Bracken's disappointment!).
  • Uma 3 years ago
    Last week was very fun with all the mess! It was unfortunate that Mrs B could not join us in all the fun. She would have loved it and would have given us the Christmas spirit. However, Mrs Moorhouse made it special for us so we all still loved it. My favourite part was when Mrs Moorhouse helped me make my amazing reindeer and I made my favourite star out of willow branches. Farah made a bed for our pet, Luna, as our old but favourite pet, Bob, died. Thankyou Mrs Moorhouse for the amazing week with everyone.

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