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Session 5

Palm drills, popcorn and a tarp challenge!

A very successful week as each group rose to the tarp challenge and managed to erect some form of shelter using the resources from the ‘survival bag’ that they were provided with. Enough dry kindling was collected to make a great campfire; this enabled us to enjoy sustenance in the form of popcorn. The children  are also  experts with the Kelly kettle now  so hot chocolate was also available as part of our survival rations! We even had enough time to create various items in the tool area using palm drills.

Click here to see the photos from this week.

Remember that I am still hoping  the children will be inspired to use the blog to reflect upon their experiences at Forest School. (House points may be awarded for contributors!) What did they particularly enjoy or feel most proud at having achieved this week? What could they do to improve or build upon their experiences? What would they like to accomplish over the coming weeks?

Next week’s campfire cooking challenge will involve cooking a  cake inside an orange. Don’t forget to bring an orange in!


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