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2019/20 Session 1


Larch Group were excited about being back in their namesake camp and enjoyed exploring to see what had changed since they were last here. I was impressed that they had remembered all our Forest School rules and pleased to see that they were still able to light fires in a safe and controlled way. Despite the damp conditions we were able to get the Kelly kettle going so that we could all enjoy a deliciously warming  hot chocolate drink. Several of the children demonstrated true community spirit by helping to woodchip the paths and I even had a couple of volunteers to help with the washing up-a little persuasion was needed for that!

Click here to see the photos from this week.

I am hoping that the children will be inspired to use the blog to reflect upon their experiences at Forest School. (House points may be awarded for contributors!) What did they particularly enjoy or feel most proud at having achieved this week? What could they do to improve or build upon their experiences? What would they like to accomplish over the coming weeks?



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  • Ava 2 years ago
    Thanks to our excellent Kelly kettle master Lily, we were allowed the delight of a hot chocolate this week. I popped along to see how everything was doing and made the paste for the hot chocolate. I think one of my best jobs in Forest School is wood chipping- I love it. I also enjoy collecting wood for the fire when needed but I will collect it anyway. Visitor Rating: 4/5 Visitor IP:

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