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Session 2

Christmas crafts.

This week Larch and Birch group spent a very enjoyable morning together creating all sorts of wondrous Christmas crafts inspired by the great outdoors. Using natural materials and new skills such as willow bending, square lashing (and hot glue gunning!) an amazing variety of items were produced.

Click here to see some of their fantastic creations.

If you would like to comment on your 'indoor' Forest School activities please use the blog below.

  • Lucy 3 years ago
    So far I have really enjoyed our sessions at Forest School and I can’t wait to start using the palm drills to make necklaces and decorations. I had a great time making the Christmas decorations, but we all really miss Mrs B and hope she gets well soon. Over all I absolutely love Forest School!!!
  • Eleanor 3 years ago
    This week at Forest School was really fun even though it was in the classroom. My favourite thing today was making reindeer with pine cones. I'm excited for next week so I can help Eli, Ava,Henry and Ben with the the wood chip. I also made really cool tree cookies. To make tree cookies you need to first drill a hole at the top, Then you can draw or paint any design on your tree cookie and last thing, you thread string through the hole. Thank you so much Bracken and the helpers!🙂😀😋 Visitor URL:
  • Ava 3 years ago
    WELL DONE to every one last week who helped with the wood chip and who did the wood store for the fire. In the classroom it was still really fun and I don`t think I would have done anything without the glue gun!
  • Henry 3 years ago
    I thought Forest School was FUN and I made a Santa and his sleigh. Evelyn made the new reindeer DAVE. I hardly even finished my dream catcher but over all Forest School was really fun!
  • Finn 3 years ago
    Hey guys I thought I'd blog because... well I just want to blog. This Forest School session was a ton of fun! I made THREE things (I know it's a lot). I made two robins and a dream catcher. I think my favourite part of the session was being in my forest school clothes alllllll day 😀. So bye for now😀😀😀!

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