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Larch Blog

Catch up on all the latest news from Larch Group sessions.

  • 10/01/20

    Session 5

    Palm drills, popcorn and a tarp challenge!
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  • 22/11/19

    2019/20 Session 1

      Larch Group were excited about being back in their namesake camp and enjoyed exploring to see what had changed since they were last here. I was impressed that they had remembered all our Forest School rules and pleased to see that they were still able to light fires in a safe and controlle...
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  • 12/02/19

    Session 8

    With great reluctance and heavy hearts, Bracken & Foxglove made the call not to go to the woods today. The blustery wind meant that the risks of visiting the woods outweighed the benefits. However, there was still much fun to be had.....
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  • 03/02/19

    Session 7

    The woods were our very own Winter Wonderland today.
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  • 27/01/19

    Session 6

    A soggy start to the day could not dampen Larch Group's spirits. They arrived in the woods full of smiles and eager to open the Dragon's Dare. 
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  • 07/12/18

    Session 3

    It may have poured with rain for the WHOLE session but this did nothing to dampen Larch Group's joy of being in the woods.
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