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Oak group blog

  • 16/11/18

    Session 8

    A grand tidy up, sticky fingers and a fond farewell.
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  • 09/11/18

    Remembrance and natural art

    Remembrance and natural art.
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  • 02/11/18

    Pumpkins, spiders and wondrous webs!

    The children were invited to bring their Halloween pumpkins into the woods today. 
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  • 19/10/18

    Knotty problems and baked bananas!

    This week the children were introduced to 'Sammy Snake'(a rope) and had a go at practising a knot that can be used to secure a hammock to a tree.
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  • 05/10/18

    Session 3

    In search of spaghetti strings and chipolatas!
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  • 28/09/18

    Session 2

    Oak group were excited to discover a letter from their ‘Little Friends’ together with conkers that the Sneezy Dragon had collected and some special shells that they were able to use to practise making ‘fairy fires’ in.
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  • 21/09/18

    Session 1

    Beautiful autumn sunshine and a surprise visitor, Mrs Tompsett, made our first visit back to the woods very special. The children enjoyed exploring Larch Camp and were amazed to discover a partially uprooted tree. We kept well away but enjoyed watching it gently swaying in the breeze. This prompted...
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