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Rowan Blog

Check out  the latest session blogs below. Chat about the session with your child (you may like to use the photos in Rowan's gallery to guide the conversation) and if they would like to comment - make a post!

  • 13/09/19

    Rowan group 2019 -Session 1

    Exploring and making new friends!
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  • 09/11/18

    Session 7

    Picture frames, poppies, posing on dishees.
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  • 02/11/18

    Session 6

    Pumpkins, pathways and painting with leaves.
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  • 19/10/18

    Session 5

    The children were so keen to get going in the woods today. They are showing real independence and confidence. I am also so impressed with their resilience and their awareness of finding the inner-strength to bounce back when faced with problems.
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  • 06/10/18

    Session 3

    Mr Dragon is better! As a thank you for making him a new nest and providing a store of delicious sweet chestnut medicine, he had left a big pot of hot chocolate... were we going to make it hot?......
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  • 28/09/18

    Session 2

    The ominous-looking clouds could not dampen the spirits of Rowan Group as they arrived excited to explore.
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  • 20/09/18

    Session 1

    The children were introduced to leafy, Chestnut camp. The  leaves keep it shady and it was quite chilly so we set off for a VERY energetic march to warm ourselves up and familiarise ourselves with the boundaries. We wriggled and we hand-jived our way around the circumference of C...
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  • 06/08/18

    Foxglove's finds

    Foxglove and her family have found some fascinating treasures in the woods this summer. Can you identify them?
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