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Welcome Letter

Welcome to Class 4


Life in Class 4 is all about supporting the children with independence and developing a love of learning. To be independent learners, the children need to be organised and responsible–

getting them ready for their future too!


In Class 4 the children are encouraged and supported to develop a love of reading. The majority of children are independent readers by the time they reach Class 4. To help keep an eye on what they are reading, they will have a reading journal to ensure they are reading a range of genres. Within their reading record they will be given a prompt sheet which they will need to refer to when writing about their book. The children are welcome to bring books from home but are expected to read books from our ever-growing book corner. The book corner monitors will be helping to keep the book corner well stocked and will also be asking for book reviews. If the children have old magazines at home which are in a good state, please could they bring them into school.

Reading records are handed in every Monday morning


The children will have spelling homework. These will be words which belong to a word group. Please encourage your children to investigate these word groups– can they find other words which fit in? The children will be tested each week and their books will come home so you can see how they are doing. These will be set every Thursday by Mrs Barstow. Tests will be on the following Thursday.

PE Kits

PE is an essential part of the curriculum. It develops team work, coordination and a healthy life style. The children will take part in two hours plus PE a week so it is vital that they have their kit in school all week. Understandably their kits need to be washed but should always be returned to school the next day. If your child takes part in an after school club or another sporting event, the expectation is still that they have their kit in school. Missing kits will be taken note of. If they are unable to find a part of their kit please replace with a suitable item until they either find it or it has been replaced.

If your child needs to miss a PE lesson please let me know in writing, explaining the reasons.