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Welcome Letter

Welcome to Class Three. We hope you all had a rest over the holiday and are ready for the year ahead. We are looking forward to a busy term, jam-packed with lots of learning and fun. We have already begun to get to know each other and settle into our class routines. Below, you will find some key areas and routines for the coming year, which we hope you find useful.

I am always available after school. Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with me if you would like to discuss anything to do with your child’s learning or well-being.


The children are encouraged, and supported, to develop a love of reading. We have a book corner and the children are able to choose books from here to read in class and to take home. Some of the class are free readers, which mean that they can pick books to share with you. Whilst others are on reading schemes, which means that they will bring home a book from the scheme for the time being. They may, of course, choose to bring in a book from home as well. Being a fluent reader is not only about being able to read the text, it is about engaging in discussion around it and being able to answer questions and discuss viewpoints. The reading record book which will come home with the children should be completed by the children, and I will send home some prompts for ideas to think about when completing it.

As part of developing independence in key stage two, all the children are responsible for changing their books when they are finished.


At the moment we will be doing PE on Monday and Friday, but this could change at short notice, so please make sure that each child has their PE kit in school every day. PE is an essential part of the curriculum which develops teamwork, co-ordination and a healthy lifestyle.

Pencil Cases

As I am sure you will appreciate, the children have limited space in their trays. I have therefore asked that only pencil cases that fit in their trays are brought into school.


Homework should be done as independently as possible.


The children will have a spelling test on Monday and the spellings will be sent out a week in advance.

Times Tables

They will have a times table test on Friday. The times tables tests will be a 3 minute timed test and the children will be tested on not only the multiplication facts but the corresponding division facts. The expectation is that by the end of year 4 all children will know the multiplication and division facts up to 12x table.

Those parents who have had children in class 4 recently, will be familiar with an online punctuation and grammar programme called We are in the process of setting class 3 up on this system and the children will shortly be issued with their logins and passwords. is a site that provides short ( approximately 15 minute) online grammar and punctuation tests. The skills will be taught in class over the week, and the children will then be expected to login in at home and complete the test by the following Monday of each week. The tests are designed to be taken on either laptops, i pads or other tablets and have proved really useful at getting the children more confident with using and recognising different forms of punctuation and grammar concepts.


It is also expected that the children will read with an adult for a short amount of time daily (10 mins) and write a short comment in their reading journals once a week.