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Week commencing 11th December

No homework .

Enjoy your Christmas preparations!

Home Learning- Week Commencing 4th December  



Having written Tim Peake's biography, you now have a little knowledge of life on the ISS. For your homework please write a recount (diary) as if you are Tim aboard the ISS. Think about how you feel, what special scientific research you are conducting, what you can see when you look out into space ( great opportunity for specific language) and what noises you can hear.

You will be given some information to help with your recount.

Think about the features of a recount.



Continue to practise times tables. Which is your target?




Remember that Class 4 will be starting Forest School on Friday 1st December. Please return permission slips asap and ensure that your children have warm, waterproof clothing. Hats, gloves and scarves are strongly recommended as the weather is becoming very chilly.

Home Learning - Week Commencing 27th November


We are entering the Rotary Club's Christmas Story Competition. The children will write an original story with a Christmas theme unaided and in their own handwriting.

-Judges will look for interesting and imaginative stories

-Prizes are book tokens £20 and £15


These stories will be collected by Monday 4th December



Use the IXT maths site to practise Prime, Square and Cubed numbers. Also to remember the difference between factors and multiples.

This understanding and remembering of vocabulary is key to their maths curriculum.


Week commencing 20th November


We are working on improving our understanding of exciting and unusual vocabulary.

For our home learning this week, I would like you to choose a word (noun, verb or adjective) and then find as many antonyms and synonyms.

I will provide the card for you to use. The words will go onto our WOW wall.



Practise division- either long or short, depending upon your target.  

You will need to use dice to generate your numbers. Complete 6 calculations and then check your answer using inverse.



Wednesday afternoon we welcome Wadhurst and District Astronomical Society, who are coming into school to talk to us about the solar system, the moon and constellations. Think about the questions you have asked in science so far- can they help you find the answer?

Visit the gallery to find out what else the children have been doing this week.

Week beginning 13th November

Literacy/ Science


To keep a moon diary for the week. The diary will be given to you to fill in for the whole week.We will discuss the different phases during our science lesson.


Fun site to use -

In the news this week.......

When is the Venus & Jupiter Conjunction?

Two of the brightest planets in the night’s sky rose as one in the small hours of Monday, in a rare treat for stargazers. 

Venus and Jupiter were both visible in the eastern sky about an hour before sunrise, staying low on the horizon. 

In the UK, Venus rose at 5.56am, with Jupiter following close behind at 5.58am. 

The two planets, which are about 416 million miles apart in the solar system, were visible within 0.3 degrees of each other. For context, your fist held at arm’s length measures an estimated 10 degrees.

Those who missed the phenomenon will have a another chance to catch a glimpse tomorrow (November 14) morning, though the planets will not be as close together. ​



To practise the skill of long multiplication. Can you write problems which require long multiplication to solve them? How many steps will your problem have?

Don't forget to include an answer sheet! We will try these on each other during the following week.



SPAG, spellings,times tables practice and reading records

Week beginning 6th November


Reading records filled in correctly: using the questions at the back of the reading record books, proper nouns have capital letters and all spelling correct. Please take pride in your work.


Choose a planet and write a descriptive piece of writing. Include a diagram of the planet.

Success Criteria -  title, adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs, embedded and relative clauses.



Reasoning questions for the four number operations.

These will be handed to you on Monday.

Week commencing 30th October


What is the Aurora Borealis?

What is the International Spaceship?

Which planet( or the sun or moon) will you write a non chronological report on?

Take a look at these sites to help with your decision making...


Week beginning 2nd October


To help with our narrative writing, I would like you to work on your up levelling writing skills. Take a simple sentence and pour some grammatical magic into it. How incredible can you make the sentence?

I look forward to reading them



Using your place value knowledge, fill in the missing digits in the addition calculations.

Week beginning 25th Sept
A postcard from Michael to his friend Eddie.
Choose a place that Michael and his family have visited and write a postcard from that place.
Think about the style of writing. Can you include subordinate or embedded clauses?
I will provide the card.
Roman Numerals
Use the challenge card set by Mrs Russell

w/b 18.9.17


Gaining evidence from text. The children will be given a short piece of text from Kensuke's Kingdom. I want them to highlight or underline sections of the text that tell them information about the characters.
Sally screeched at the top of her voice as the impending wave bore down upon her
This tells you how she is feeling and why she feels that way. We can also predict that the wave will hit Sally and that it is large.


Please note this page will expire after a while.
The children could visit the page over a few days to practise.


Pond dipping for Yr 5 children on Wednesday so they will need wellingtons.

W/B 18.9.17


The children will be given a homework folder on Monday. They will have a week to complete the tasks. If they wish, they can bring their own folder rather than use the one provided by school.


Reading records kept updated with at least 3 varied entries from their reading prompt sheet.


Place Value- sheet will be in their homework folder.


Fact file on Japan. This can be hand written or word processed.

Things to consider…. continent, flag, language, population, neighbouring countries, rivers, mountains, cities and any other amazing facts