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Week beginning 2nd October


To help with our narrative writing, I would like you to work on your up levelling writing skills. Take a simple sentence and pour some grammatical magic into it. How incredible can you make the sentence?

I look forward to reading them



Using your place value knowledge, fill in the missing digits in the addition calculations.

Week beginning 25th Sept
A postcard from Michael to his friend Eddie.
Choose a place that Michael and his family have visited and write a postcard from that place.
Think about the style of writing. Can you include subordinate or embedded clauses?
I will provide the card.
Roman Numerals
Use the challenge card set by Mrs Russell

w/b 18.9.17


Gaining evidence from text. The children will be given a short piece of text from Kensuke's Kingdom. I want them to highlight or underline sections of the text that tell them information about the characters.
Sally screeched at the top of her voice as the impending wave bore down upon her
This tells you how she is feeling and why she feels that way. We can also predict that the wave will hit Sally and that it is large.


Please note this page will expire after a while.
The children could visit the page over a few days to practise.


Pond dipping for Yr 5 children on Wednesday so they will need wellingtons.

W/B 18.9.17


The children will be given a homework folder on Monday. They will have a week to complete the tasks. If they wish, they can bring their own folder rather than use the one provided by school.


Reading records kept updated with at least 3 varied entries from their reading prompt sheet.


Place Value- sheet will be in their homework folder.


Fact file on Japan. This can be hand written or word processed.

Things to consider…. continent, flag, language, population, neighbouring countries, rivers, mountains, cities and any other amazing facts