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Teaching Team

Miss Sophie Glewis

Class Teacher, English and Maths Co-ordinator KS1

I love spending my time with friends and family as well as reading my growing pile of books.

I love animals and have a cat called Jeffy. I have also inherited some lovely school guinea pigs!

As a teacher I believe children should have fun whilst being at school and learning a way that they enjoy, such as hands on experiences.  I believe that every child learns a different way and that's where I'm intrigued in finding out how.

Ms Stephanie Green

Class 2 Learning Support Assistant

I work every day but only mornings up until lunchtimes.

I have been working as a teaching assistant for over 6 years after having my 2 daughters.

My favourite is the Autumn term with the run up to Christmas and my least favourite time is when we break up for the Summer as we have to say goodbye to the Year 6's - I am guaranteed to blub in St Dunstan's!

Mrs Dawn Starkey

Class 2 Learning Support Assistant

I work Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays but only mornings up until lunchtimes.

Every Thursday morning I teach the class whilst Miss Glewis has her PPA time. I teach PSHE and music and really enjoy covering these subjects with the children. At the end of last term we performed a concert to show Miss Glewis everything the children had learned in music - we have some very talented musicians in Class 2 and Miss Glewis was very impressed!


At home I enjoy spending time with my two boys - we enjoy being outdoors camping and country walks. We are also a completely book obsessed family and enjoy sharing stories together.


I love Colliers Green and feel very lucky to work at this very special school.