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School Uniform

Uniform and Supplies

Some of the following needs to be purchased from Phillip Man's Shop in Cranbrook or online at


Boys' Uniform

Grey trousers/shorts
White collared shirt - not polo shirt or airtex shirt
Purple and white striped tie (please purchase from Phillip Man's)
Grey socks
Black shoes (NOT trainers please)
Outdoor coat - waterproof (always in school please)
Purple sweatshirt or cardigan (please purchase from Phillip Man's)


Girls' Uniform

Grey dress/skirt/grey trousers
White collared shirt
Purple and white striped tie (please purchase from Phillip Man's)
Grey/white socks (tights are acceptable in school colours of grey or purple)
Flat black shoes (NOT boots please, unless we are experiencing snow)
Purple cardigan or jumper (please purchase from Phillip Man's)
Summer uniform for girls is a purple or lilac gingham dress


PE Kit for Boys and Girls

Purple P.E. shirt (please purchase from Phillip Man's)
Black P.E. shorts (can be purchased from Phillip Man's)
Jogging bottoms (Purple or black)
Purple sweatshirt
Spare socks
Football boots & shin pads if taking part in ball skills.


Clearly label everything with your child's full name!


We like children to be independent when changing for P.E. - please do consider this when purchasing uniform, especially footwear. All children need a PE Bag. These can be purchased from the office/PTFA or provided by you.


We are an active outdoor school so in addition to the uniform all children will need the following at school:


  • Wellies (placed and kept in the boxes outside the classrooms)
  • Outdoor coat - waterproof and always in school
  • Spare socks or tights or underwear - depending on age
  • Painting apron (kept on peg)


If your child is joining in Class 1 or 2 (this is children from Reception age to Year 2) they will need a Colliers Green book bag. Please purchase at the office/PTFA.

If your child is joining Class 3 or 4 they are able to bring their own book bag to school for books and parent communications. Please ensure that these are not too bulky as we have limited space in the cloakrooms.


Class 2, 3 and 4 children (NOT Class 1) need a pencil case with the following:-


  • Pencils
  • Coloured pencils
  • Glue stick
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Highlighter
  • Rubber
This is kept in your child's tray.