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Session 6

6th July- Buddy Day in the woods! 

Rowan group spent a very special morning in the woods with their buddies from Year 6.

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Picture 2

Special buddies

Special buddies 1
Special buddies 2
Special buddies 3
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Playing together

Playing together 1
Playing together 2
Playing together 3
 Year 6 re-discovered their 'inner child' and decided that they were not too grown up to enjoy some muddy fun!
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Picture 3
Picture 4
Making special nests for cuddly toys was also a lot of fun.

learning new skills together

learning new skills together 1
learning new skills together 2

Lunch in the woods

Lunch in the woods 1
Lunch in the woods 2
Lunch in the woods 3
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Thank you very much to all the pupils in Year 6 who have been fantastic buddies throughout the year. We hope you take many special memories of your time at Colliers Green with you and wish you lots of luck in your new schools.

Session 5

This was a very special day in the woods-not only was it INTERNATIONAL MUD DAY but the parents were also invited to visit Forest School. Thank you so much to everybody who came along and joined in with the activities so enthusiastically.


Picture 1
Everybody had lots of fun creating tree sprites from glorious, oozy, sticky mud!
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Picture 3
Picture 4
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Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 1
Our 'Mud Splat' game, where the children had to hit a target with mud and add up their score, was also very popular!

Mud Splat!

Mud Splat! 1
Mud Splat! 2
Some children enjoyed exploring and set off to try and identify the different trees in the wood and discover wildlife ...

Nature detectives

Nature detectives 1
Nature detectives 2
Nature detectives 3
whilst others enjoyed our special woodland swing.
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Session 4

This week, the children explored deeper into the woods ...

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Picture 2

and discovered Chestnut Camp!

and discovered Chestnut Camp! 1

Investigating the new camp

Investigating the new camp 1
Investigating the new camp 2
Investigating the new camp 3

Making dens

Making dens 1
Making dens 2
Making dens 3
Picture 1

Identifying leaves

Identifying leaves 1
Identifying leaves 2
Identifying leaves 3
Picture 1

and Discovering wildlife

and Discovering wildlife 1
and Discovering wildlife 2
The children used some of the natural materials that they found in the woods to make stick people.

Stick friends

Stick friends 1
Stick friends 2
Stick friends 3
Stick friends 4
Stick friends 5
Stick friends 6
Stick friends 7
Stick friends 8
Picture 1
Forest School helps develop children's sense of responsibility and we are lucky to always have enthusiastic volunteers to help with the washing up!

Willing helpers

Willing helpers 1

Session 3

Today was a very special day because  it was Colliers Green's 110th birthday! The children came to school wearing fashions from each of the decades between 1908 and 2018 so it was  decided that  Forest School would take place in our school grounds this week.


The children enjoyed exploring the orchard and playing traditional games. The challenge was to make the games from natural materials.

Exploring the orchard

Exploring the orchard 1

Planning the games

Planning the games 1
Planning the games 2

Working with Willow

Working with Willow 1
Working with Willow 2
Working with Willow 3

What could these be used for?

What could these be used for? 1
What could these be used for? 2
What could these be used for? 3
What could these be used for? 4

Quoits and noughts ... and crosses!

Quoits and noughts ... and crosses! 1
Quoits and noughts ... and crosses! 2
The children all had lots of fun playing traditional games. We will be back in the woods next  week.

Session 2

Pictures will follow soon. We are having a few technical issues.

Session 1

Pictures to follow.