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Try to solve the puzzle. Can you find MORE than one way??

Use the measuring apparatus you have in your home (kitchen scales, measuring tapes and measuring jugs) can you find:


an egg, an apple, a banana


a tin of soup, a kettle, a glass (of water)


a  pencil, your car and the height of yourself and one other member of your family.


We will use this information to help us in our maths lesson next week: revisiting our work on estimating, reading scales for measurements of length, capacity, mass (weight) and finding averages.

We played an angles estimation game this week. Here is the link as I know that a lot of you were keen to play the game at home.

I have also included another game which is all about visualising 3D shapes


Here are some maths logic problems for your delectation this holidays. They are NOT compulsory. Just if you fancy it - you could challenge another member of the family to see who works out the answer first.

If you have any queries or problems. Please feel free to contact me. I usually check my work email account at least once a day when I am not at work.

In order to be 'spelling ready' for Class 4, these are the spellings that you should be already confident spelling. Highlight the spellings that you can do & then use one of the suggested activities to help you master the others. Once you've got them, highlight them too. By September, your whole list could/should be highlighted!

POST IT PRACTICE - Write ONE tricky word per post it notes and stick them in places that you see frequently in your house: front door, bedside light, fish bowl, loo seat, TV remote, cereal box etc.

TECHNICOLOUR SPELLER - Take a tricky spelling and make it beautiful! Write the word in glorious Technicolour. Will you make each letter a different colour or each sound? Perhaps you will write the difficult bit in sparkly pen!! Will you write it in bubble writing or shadow write? It's up to YOU!

MARVELLOUS MNEMONIC - Can you make up a memorable phrase or trick to help you remember the spelling. Perhaps you could discuss it at tea-time with your family. Whose do you like best?

Here are some examples that help me...

BECAUSE - Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants

SEPARATE - There's A RAT in separate

NECESSARY - Never Eat Cake Eat Salmon Sandwich And Remain Young


Tell me your favourite mnemonics and I'll add them to the list