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Welcome to our Eco- Page!


Colliers Green is an 'eco- school'. This means that we look after our school and local area in addition to doing what we can to care for the whole world environment. We have held the prestigious Green Flag Award,symbolising ‘excellence in the field of environmental activity’, over many years and although we will not be renewing this accreditation  (as we are embarking on new exciting projects) we continue to maintain our ethos as an eco- school. 

Our school Eco-code

 Encourage everyone to turn off taps and lights

Car share with your friends.

Only throw away real rubbish-Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

Shop with a 'Bag for Life'.

Care for our school grounds and all its wildlife.

Help everyone to keep healthy. 

Organise litter picks to keep our countryside beautiful.

Open your eyes, hearts and minds to the rest of the world.

Look after planet Earth.




Into space… and back again!


The rocket seeds have returned to Earth! After spending 6 months being stored in microgravity by Tim Peake (the first British ESA astronaut) Class 4 have planted the seeds. They will be involved in careful, scientific measurements to record any similarities or differences in plant growth between the seeds that have been into space and those that remained on Earth.

View Tim Peake's message to us here!  





Picture 1 The arrival of the seeds!
Picture 2 The seed trays are carefully labelled.
Picture 3 All seeds must be planted at the same depth.
Picture 4 Space biologists at work!
Picture 5 Can you see the tiny seed?
Picture 6 Scientists of the future?

Throughout this experiment the children have been involved in careful observations of the seeds. The percentage of seeds that germinated in each tray ranged from 72% to 96% with the highest scores being obtained by the seeds from the red packet. However, there were no marked differences in other measurements taken by the children between the seedlings grown from either packet- we are still waiting to hear which packet went to space!


Red or Blue?

Once the RHS have received all the results, Tim Peake will reveal which coloured packet contained the space seeds in a very special video he recorded  before he went into space. This video will be available during the week commencing 20th June. In the meantime, you can watch the video of Tim flipping a coin to decide which was which – but without revealing the answer!  The video can be found on the YouTube page here:


Picture 1 Counting leaves on 5 randomly selected seedlings.
Picture 2 Repeating the process for each tray.
Picture 3 Calculating mean number of leaves for each tray.

All our results have now been entered onto the Rocket Science national database and we are looking forward to hearing what this experiment has discovered about what happens to seeds when they are stored in microgravity!



Background information about Rocket Science. 

This year the children are very excited because we were successful in our application to take part in ‘Rocket Science’!

This is a science experiment to contribute to our knowledge of growing plants in space. Two kilograms of rocket (Eruca sativa) seeds were launched on Soyuz 44S on 02 September 2015 with European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Andreas Mogensen and his crew, arriving on the International Space Station (ISS) two days later. British ESA astronaut, Tim Peake, will take charge of the seeds while on the ISS for his Principia mission starting in December. After being held for about six months in microgravity, the seeds will be returned to Earth with astronaut Scott Kelly.

Once the seeds have returned they will be distributed to schools that have successfully applied to take part in this project.

Colliers Green School will receive 100 seeds that have been on the ISS and 100 seeds that have remained on Earth. We will then be responsible for working scientifically to compare the growth of the two types of seeds through research and observation. (The seed packets will be colour coded, although we will not be told which packet contains which seeds until national results have been published.)

After all the data has been collected, the results will be analysed by professional statisticians. Leading scientists from the RHS and European Space Agency will interpret the results and draw possible conclusions based on the work of our space biologists!

To watch the rocket launch that delivered our seeds to the ISS go to

You can track the ISS online here 


Wild and Green Club

 We have an enthusiastic group of children from Key Stage 2 who meet together every week to take part in a variety of outside activities. These children are responsible for much of the gardening work that takes place in our school grounds but they also enjoy exploring our local countryside, pond dipping, and cooking with ingredients we find when out and about.

Forest School


Two members of staff have been trained to lead outdoor sessions with our children in a local woodland. The children will have the opportunity to learn about the natural environment, how to handle risks and to use their own initiative to solve problems and co-operate with others. Visit our new 'Forest School' page in the 'About Us' section to discover what the children have been up to recently.